Yoshiya Sato’s 3 Things to Do in Katano

1 Cultural and Historical Streetscapes and Street Corners

White Clay Wall Streets in Hoshida (Left)

The streets make us feel being in the Edo period.

Kawahara Nishimachi Street in Kisaichi (Centre)

Beautiful white wall warehouses on the street always welcomes the pedestrians.

Yamane Kaido Road in Kisabe (Right)

The Yamane Kaido road along Yaki-sugi houses and clay walls was built about 20,000 years ago.


2 Big Rocks located in Training Places for Shugendo

Kannon Rock of Konohill (Left)

You can see the Rokko Mountain and Osaka Bay from the top of the rock.

Rock Boat in Iwafune Shrine (Centre)

You can feel a great energy from the rock.

Shishikutsu Rock in Shishikutsuji Temple (Right)

When Kobodaishi started to pray, a star fell on the top of a hill near Shishikutsuji Temple.


3 Cherry Blossoms in Katano

Cherry Blossoms in Myokengawara (Left)

You will be impressed by a stately atmosphere of the old cherry trees.

Cherry Blossoms in Hoshidayamate (Centre)

The young trees vigorously produce flowers every spring.

Cherry Blossoms in Amanogawa Ryokuchi (Right)

The naturally balanced layout of the cherry trees, the Amanogawa River, and Ikoma hills is brilliant.


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