Rika Kaji’s 3 Things to Do in Katano

No.1 Tenfuku Stone in Shishikutsuji Temple

It is said that your hope will come true by holding Tenfuku Stone in Shishikutsuji Temple. Katano has a lot of power stones such as Tenfuku Stone. When I visited Tenfuku Stone, I was able to feel a lot of energy came in my body.


No.2 Hoshida City Park
In the broad city park, you will be able to feel a changing season through seasonal plants such as hydrangeas (summer) and autumn leaves (autumn). Particularly, I like weeping cherry trees in the park. They tell me that spring is just around the corner. There are also various playground facilities in the park. Hoshida City Park must be the best place for you to spend a fun time with your family.



No.3 Raffinee Cafe
You will be able to feel a wonderful atmosphere in a wooden restaurant. Raffinee’s lunches will heal you in the room decorated with a lot of colourful flowers and pretty sundries. A lot of Katano’s vegetables and organic produce are used in the lunch menu. This is the reason why I like Raffinee.


Raffinee Cafe
Opening hours:
10:00a.m.~18:00p.m. (Last order 17:30p.m.)
Lunch Time: 11:00a.m.~14:00p.m. (Last order 13:30p.m.)




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