Kazuhiko Harada’s 3 Things to Do in Katano

No.1: Our City’s Name

原田君 交野

Our city’s name itself is very attractive.

In Kanji (Chinese character), Katano is “交野”.

In direct English translation of the two Chinese characters, Katano means “Cross (交) Field (野)”.

In Japan, “交” can be used as…

“交”通 (transport) “交”流 (interaction) etc.

Katano was called “Katanogahara” and many Heian-nobles stayed here for vacation. One of the Heian-nobles made the following poem relating to Katanogahara.

“Matayamimu Katano nomi Nono Sakuragari Hana no Yukichiru Haru no Akebono” (poet: FUJIWARA no Toshinari)

This poem can be read in “Shin Kokin Wakashu (The New Collection of Poems Ancient and Modern)” which has been published more than 800 years ago. Moreover, the poem that straightforwardly described the beauty of Katano in the Heian-period was introduced in the US ambassador, Caroline Kennedy’s Twitter.

In Katano, the tale of Tanabata has been passed on from ancient to present. The story might be established through the interaction of the Heian-nobles. Before Katano was called “Katanogahara”, a number of people had already gathered and lived in Katano.

Katano has a legend that a grandson of the deity of sun came to Katano by a huge rock boat and has a plenty of remains that show there have been Palaeolithic residences. The past and current history of Katano is continuously handed on to us. The interaction between you and Katano starts as soon as you know our city’s name.


No.2: Konosan (Kono Hill)

原田君 写真2

Views from the top are too splendid.

Konosan is the symbolic spot in Katano.

Although the hill is not so high (341m), it is not an exaggeration to say that a view from the top is the best in Kansai area.

A big rock sits on the top. You can enjoy seeing Osaka Bay, Kyoto, and Nara panoptically.

A voluntary guide of Katano Tourist Association and I headed to the top of the hill through a path surrounded by forests, nature, lively sounds of creatures. It took about one and half hour from the base to the top. After passing through the path under sunshine from between trees, the big rock welcomes you on the top. The view must be unforgettable in your heart.

A night view is also brilliant. Konosan is one of the best travel spots you must visit in Katano.


No.3: Hoshi no Buranko & Hoshida Park

原田君 写真3

You can approach great nature near Central Osaka.

Hoshi no Buranko is said to be one of the biggest suspension bridges with wooden floorboards in Japan.

The overall length of the bridge is 280 meters and the height is 50 meters.

Walking through a forest which shows various sceneries in four seasons, suddenly the big bridge jumps into your eyes.

The location of the bridge is in Hoshida Park. Many hikers come to the park due to it is easy to access there from Central Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara.

Hoshi no Buranko is the best place to enjoy Japanese great nature near central cities.

I recommend having a nice cup of tea at a tea shop in Central Katano after being satisfied with the great nature at Hoshida Park. It is very easy to get to Central Katano from the park. Katano is a unique town to soak up not only the atmosphere of a modern town but also that of the affluent nature.

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