Our website has been introduced in “Katano Times”

Katano's Major New Site; Katano Times

Katano’s Major Local News Site; Katano Times

Katano’s major local news site, Katano Times (http://www.katano-times.com) has introduced our website (http://www.katano-times.com/archives/47909215.html). It is a very humorous article including some jokes.

There are two major news sites in Katano; “Hoshi no Machi Katano (http://murata35.chicappa.jp)” and “Katano Times”. Katano Times always provides us with funny news relating to Katano. It is said that almost all Katanonians are checking Katano Times unlike our English website and “I Love Katano (http://www.lovekatano.com)” (T_T). 

To boost the readers who access to our English website, we started “3 Things to Do in Katano (http://katano-kanko.com/foreign-languages/wonderful-katano-english/3-things-to-do-in-katano-katanonians-recommendations/)”. In this page, Katanonians who love Katano introduce their favourite shops and travel spots. Mr. Kazuhiko Harada who is the director of Katano Times also writes his favourite three things for our website (http://katano-kanko.com/foreign-languages/wonderful-katano-english/3-things-to-do-in-katano-katanonians-recommendations/kazuhiko-haradas-3-things-to-do-in-katano/). 

We would like to express our gratitude to Katano Times and Mr. Harada.   

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