Katano’s Biggest Summer Festival on July 30th


Katano Amanogawa Tanabata Festival 2016

Date & Time

July 30th 15:00p.m.~


Keihan Kisaichi Station, Hoshi no Sato Iwafune, Mizube Plaza, and the Botanical Garden of Osaka City University


Katano’s annual summer event, Ama no Gawa Tanabata Festival, will be held on July 30th. This is one of Katano’s big events that are increasing the number of visitors year by year.

Katano is a city deeply relating to the Tale of Tanabata. Therefore, in this festival, decolations representing the relationship of Katano and Tanabata can be seen. Particularly, hundreds of candles create an air of fantasy at night. The scenery is absolutely brilliant and beautiful. You will be able to touch on the basic principle of Katano’s history and culture throughout the day.

Furthermore, various food and drink stalls will open. Some stalls offer typical Japanese summer event foods such as Yakisoba and Takoyaki.

Ama no Gawa Tanabata Festival starts from 15p.m. If July 30th be rain, the event will be postponed on July 31st. The venues for the event are Keihan Kisaichi Station, Mizube Plaza, Hoshi no Sato Iwafune, and the Botanical Garden of Osaka City University (see the following Google Map). 

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