Katano’s Biggest Summer Festival on July 30th


Katano Amanogawa Tanabata Festival 2016

Date & Time

July 30th 15:00p.m.~


Keihan Kisaichi Station, Hoshi no Sato Iwafune, Mizube Plaza, and the Botanical Garden of Osaka City University


Katano’s annual summer event, Ama no Gawa Tanabata Festival, will be held on July 30th. This is one of Katano’s big events that are increasing the number of visitors year by year.

Katano is a city deeply relating to the Tale of Tanabata. Therefore, in this festival, decolations representing the relationship of Katano and Tanabata can be seen. Particularly, hundreds of candles create an air of fantasy at night. The scenery is absolutely brilliant and beautiful. You will be able to touch on the basic principle of Katano’s history and culture throughout the day.

Furthermore, various food and drink stalls will open. Some stalls offer typical Japanese summer event foods such as Yakisoba and Takoyaki.

Ama no Gawa Tanabata Festival starts from 15p.m. If July 30th be rain, the event will be postponed on July 31st. The venues for the event are Keihan Kisaichi Station, Mizube Plaza, Hoshi no Sato Iwafune, and the Botanical Garden of Osaka City University (see the following Google Map). 

Goods Shop Information @ Katano Ikiiki Marchѐ June 26th 2016

001As informed before (click here), in Katano Ikiiki Marchѐ on June 26th, various food and goods stands welcome your coming as well as a lot of local characters called “Yuru Kyara”. Some goods stands, for example, sell hand-made items such as a bag, a bamboo lunch box, and a candle. Another goods stand sells artificial flowers made of clay.

The hand-made goods stands open from 10:00a.m. to 15:00p.m.





日 程:平成28年7月2日(土)11:00-16:00

場 所:京阪電車交野線(枚方市駅・私市駅)他




日 程:平成28年7月7日(木)10:00〜9日(土)20:00


場 所:交野市内逢合橋周辺

主 催:逢合橋七夕まつり実行委員会(072-891-6847)



日 程:平成28年7月6日(水)・7日(木)両日とも17:00〜21:00

場 所:機物神社(交野市倉治1-1-7)






日 程:平成28年7月5日(火)18:30開演

場 所:天満天神繁昌亭




日 程:平成28年7月7日(木)18:00開場   放流時間19:07~21:00

場 所:大川(京阪電車天満橋駅周辺)

問合せ:事務局 平成OSAKA天の川伝説事務局(06-7507-2006)



★星田妙見宮鎮座千二百年奉祝大祭 七夕祭

日 程:平成28年7月7日(木)



場 所:星田妙見宮(問い合わせ072-891-2003)


★星降り祭 奉祝大祭式典

日 程:平成28年7月23日(土)

場 所:星田妙見宮



日 程:平成28年7月24日(日)

場 所:星田妙見宮



日 程:平成28年7月30日(土)(雨天の場合31日(日))

場 所:京阪電車私市駅周辺、水辺プラザ周辺

主 催:織姫の里まつり協議会 http://orihime.girly.jp/

    072-892-4500 交野市私部1-1-2 



★7月2日(土)星のまち 枚方・交野 天の川ツーリズム オープニングイベント






★7月30日(土)織姫の里 天の川七夕まつり

開催時間/15:00〜21:30 ※雨天時は翌日31日に延期





★7月31日(日)シティプラザ大阪開業10周年イベント ヒトノワ夏の感謝祭






July 2nd event schedule has been published

Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016

A Hirakata-Katano collaborative event named “Hirakata Katano Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016” has published the detail of the event schedule on July 2nd. Morning events are held at Keihan Hirakatashi Station from 11a.m. In Keihan Kisaichi Station, various food & goods stands welcome your coming.

Event Schedule

(Venue) Keihan Hirakatashi Station Concourse 2nd floor

11a.m.~ Workshop by Setsunan University

12:40p.m.~ Opening Ceremony

event organiser’s speech, ribbon cutting ceremony, greeting by Hirakata’s & Katano’s local characters, and declaration for local goods sale booming

13p.m.~ Wrapped Train Starting Ceremony @ Platform 5 & 6 in Keihan Hirakatashi Station

The event participants get on a wrapped train heading to Keihan Kisaichi Station at 13.21p.m. The two cities’ local characters also accompany with the participants.

For further information about Hirakata Katano Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016, contact us through Contact Form or Nigiwaikoryu Ka (Hirakata City Hall). 



織姫の里 天の川七夕まつり













image   image


3 New Recommendations have been uploaded.

3Things to Do Advertising Photo

One of the English pages, titled “3 Things to Do in Katano – Katanonians’ Recommendations” has added three new recommendations by Ms. Sasaki, Mr. Kawanaka, and Mr. Yoshida. They introduce their favourite places and landscapes in Katano as well as the previous three recommenders; Mr. Sato, Mr. Harada, and Ms. Kaji. Their recommendations must be more helpful than reading any travel guide books.

If reading this page, your options to travel Japan will increase more and more. 

Katano Ikiiki Marché on June 26th

Katano March June 2016A lot of local city characters called “Yuru Kyara” come to Katano Ikiiki Marché on June 26th. “Marché” means “market” in French. In the open-air market, various stalls sell foods and original hand-made goods. Furthermore, Delaware grape which is one of Katano’s major local produces is sold at a special booth.

One of the main events is a character show. 23 local city characters such as Orihime Chan and Hoshi no Aman welcome your coming. In addition, musicians and dancers show their brilliant performances on a stage. June 26th must be a unforgettable day for you.

To support the victims who suffered from Kumamoto Great Earthquake on April 14th, special pin badges printing Kumanon and Orihime Chan are also sold at another special stall. The sales of the special pin badges are donated to Kumamoto Prefectural Government.

Katano Ikiiki Marché starts from 10a.m. at Ikiiki Land Katano.

For further information about this open-air market, contact Katano Tourist Association through Contact Form.

Hirakata Katano Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016

Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016

Hirakata City Hall (HCH) and Katano Tourist Association (KTA) will host a collaborative tourism event on July 2nd. To increase travellers to the two cities, KTA is planning various collaborative events with HCH.

In the first event, wrapped trains printing Hirakata’s and Katano’s characters run Keihan Katano Line. Furthermore, in Hirakata Katano Stamp Rally Game, you can challenge a mission to collect an original stamp in each station of Keihan Katano Line.

The opening event will be held at Keihan Hirakatashi Station and Keihan Kisaichi Station. Two cities’ characters, Hikoboshikun, Orihimechan, and Hoshi no Aman also come to the event.

For further information about Hirakata Katano Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016, contact us through Contact Form.