SATOYAMA Trail Running Challenge Cup in Katano 2016

trail running event poster 2016 (resized)A big trail running event is held in Katano on July 30th. SATOYAMA Trail Running Challenge Cup committee (chair Mr. Takashi Fukushima) hosts the 2nd Katano SATOYAMA Trail Running Challenge Cup 2016 in Hoshida Prefectural Park. This event is associated with Katano City Council, Katano Sports Association, Katano Tourist Association, and Katano Amanogawa Tanabata Festival Board.

Trail running is one of major sports in many European countries. Participants run through forest and mountain paths. In recent years, the boom of trail marathon is coming to Japan and the number of trail runners is increasing year by year.

A trail running sports shop in Kisaichi, Sotoaso, co-hosts this event. The shop’s owner, Mr. Mitsunori Kikugawa, says “I hope SATOYAMA Trail Running Challenge Cup grows as a delightful event for the participants to feel Katano’s brilliant forests and hills”.

The entry deadline is June 30th.

For further information about this event, ask Sotoaso (URL:  .

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