Do you like a Japanese temple and strawberries? You can enjoy both in the KTA’s tour.

Katano Tourist Association (KTA) has designed an exclusive tour in which you can enjoy Japanese spring. In the tour, you will visit one of the historical temples in Katano, Shishikutsuji Temple, and challenge strawberry picking in a strawberry field.

Shishikutsuji Temple

Shishikutsuji Temple

Shishikutsuji Temple was built by the order of Emperor Shomu (701~756). Originally, it had been already founded as a religious practice place for Shugendo in the Monmu period (the beginning of the 8th century). It is said that Kobodaishi (Kukai) who was a founder of Shingonshu came here for religious practice. In this tour, you can touch on a part of historical dynamism of Japan.

strawberry picking

Strawberry Picking

Furthermore, the tour takes you to a strawberry field. You can challenge strawberry picking called “Ichigogari”. You can pick up and eat strawberries for 30 minutes. This is a rare opportunity to eat fresh and sweet strawberries.

To participate in the tour, send KTA your name, age, home address, and phone number via FAX or E-mail. Up to 30 people can take part in this tour.


Shishikutsuji Temple & Strawberry Tour

Date & Time: May 7th (Sat.) 13:00p.m.~16:00p.m. Please come to JR Kawachi Iwafune by 13:00p.m.

If it is rain on Saturday,  the tour will be carried out on Sunday (May 8th).

Contact: (FAX) 072-893-2636

(Email) hoshi_machi※     Change ※ to @.

For further information about this tour, please email us.

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