Who We Are

Katano Tourist Association nicknamed “Hoshi no Machi Kanko Kyokai” is a social organisation to promote Katano’s tourism and to provide domestic and foreign travellers with various information about what to do in Katano City.

KTA is supported by Katano City Council, Katano’s local companies, and individuals. Therefore, our annual action plans are determined by approvement of KTA’s affiliates. In other words, many people in Katano (we call them “Katanonians”) are financially and materially assisting our daily activities. The reason is very simple. We want to make Katano more attractive for travellers. 

We participate in town promoting events held throughout Japan and tell as many people as possible that Katano is a splendid city not only for the residents in Katano but also for travellers.  

Furthermore, we offer many types of voluntary services for people who want to learn Katano. For example, we have local volunteers who can accompany as voluntary tour guide. They host city guided walk tours to introduce Katano’s historical and cultural spots (see Katano Voluntary Guide Tour).

Hoshi no Aman

Hoshi no Aman

We have our organisational mascott character named “Hoshi no Aman”. Hoshi no Aman is the best friend of Orihieme Chan which is the Katano’s industrial promotion character. They join in Katano’s events and visit other cities in order to promote Katano’s history, culture, and local goods. Hoshi no Aman possesses the original Facebook pages (see Hoshi no Aman for Facebook).


KTA’s Executive Members

Director Yoshiya Sato

Deputy Director Motoaki Kitagawa

Travel Guide Service Manager Katsumi Sasaki

General Affairs and Sales Promotion Manager

KTA’s Affiliate Members

(Public Organisation)

Katano City Council

(Company Affiliates)

(Individual Affiliates) 

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