Katano Voluntary Guide Tour


Katano Tourist Association constantly arranges guided walk tours. Well-trained voluntary guides provide you deep knowlege about city history and culture in order to enjoy Katano.


Voluntary Guides

For example, in May 2016, KTA held the Shishikutsuji & Strawberry-picking tour. About 30 tour participants and KTA’s voluntary guides walked from JR Iwafune Station to Tabuse Farm in Kisaichi. They visited two Katano’s historical temples, Shishikutsuji Temple and Shohoji Temple. There, the tour participants carefully listened to explanation about the history of the two temples from the voluntary guides. In Tabuse Farm, they enjoyed picking and eating stweet strawberries. Katano’s major produces are strawberries (spring), grapes (summer), sweet potatos, and figs (both autumn). KTA plans various seasonal walking and fruits-picking tours that satisfy your stomach.

Strawberry picking at Tabuse Farm

Strawberry picking at Tabuse Farm








If you need an English guide, Katano International Friendship Association (KIFA) which is one of KTA’s cooperative organisations may dispatch a language volunteer.

We will be able to arrange a voluntary guide who accompanies with your private trip in Katano. 

For further information about Katano’s guided walk tours, contact us through Contact Form.

2016 Katano Guided Walk Tour Schedule

Sep. City Guided Walk Tour

Oct. City Guided Walk Tour

Nov. Hoshi no Machi Guided Walk Tour supported by JR West

※ The details of these tours are not determined yet.  

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