Amanogawa Tanabata Festival

Amanogawa Tanabata Festival is the biggest summer festival in Katano. It is held at a naturally-surrounded area along Amanogawa River. It can be said that Amanogawa Tanabata Festival is the very ideal festival in which people can enjoy not only the festival but also Katano’s rich nature.

The climax event is candle illuminations. When thousands of candles are lighted, the festival is embraced by a fantasic mood. The candle illuminations must catch your heart. The candles are prepared by voluntary festival staff. In other words, the illuminations are underpinned by their full efforts. Their hope is simple. It is to give you unforgettable time through the illuminations. 

Festival Month: July

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Place: Keihan Kisaichi Station, the Botanical Garden of Osaka City University, Mizube Plaza, and Hoshi no Sato Iwafune  

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