Chikako Sasaki’s 3 Things to Do in Katano

No.1 Cherry Trees between Keihan Kozu Station and Murano Station


This avenue makes me feel the changes of the four seasons including a gorgeous cherry blossom season.


No.2 Yakitori Bar Moku Moku

Drinking is one of my favourites. Moku Moku is a new style Yakitori bar where you can enjoy not only Yakitori but also dinner with your family. Moku Moku’s Yakitoris must please your palate. Furthermore, Moku Moku serves ice cream and toys for children.


Yakitori Bar Moku Moku

24-25 Kuraji 3 Chome

Opening hours: 18:00p.m.~1:00a.m.



No.3 Konosan (Kono Hill)


The view from Kannon Rock is magnificent.


Recommender’s Profile

CIMG8499Chikako Sasaki

Barber Atelier Owner

22-37 Kuraji 3 Chome

Opening hours: 10:00a.m.~19:00p.m.

Close: Mondays



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