Our Director Interviewed by NHK

This photo was retrieved from Mr. Sato's personal blog.

This photo was retrieved from Mr. Sato’s personal blog.

Our association director, Mr. Yoshiya Sato, was interviewed by NHK yesterday.

NHK is one of major broadcasting companies in Japan. Sometimes, it’s called “BBC in Japan”.

On July 7th, some shrines in Katano hold Tanabata Festival. Particularly, Hatamono Shrine’s Tanabata Festival is increasing the number of the visitors year by year.  It owes a lot of efforts by local people and a merchant group. Hence, NHK has reported only Hotamono Shrine’s Tanabata Festival, hitherto.

But, this time, NHK offered an interview to Katano Tourist Association and Mr. Sato introduced not only Hatamono Shrine but also other important places deeply relating to the Tale of Tanabata in Katano.

According to his personal blog, he took the TV clue to Hatamono Shrine, Aiaibashi Bridge, and Hoshida Myokengu Shrine. The aim is to tell them that Katano, as a whole, is one of central cities of the tale of Tanabata.

The interview will be televised in this evening in Channel 1.

His original article is http://ameblo.jp/haihsoj4480/entry-12178035407.html  (written only in Japanese).

2016年7月7日 | カテゴリー : Latest News | 投稿者 : Dr.K.S.

Our website has been introduced in “Katano Times”

Katano's Major New Site; Katano Times

Katano’s Major Local News Site; Katano Times

Katano’s major local news site, Katano Times (http://www.katano-times.com) has introduced our website (http://www.katano-times.com/archives/47909215.html). It is a very humorous article including some jokes.

There are two major news sites in Katano; “Hoshi no Machi Katano (http://murata35.chicappa.jp)” and “Katano Times”. Katano Times always provides us with funny news relating to Katano. It is said that almost all Katanonians are checking Katano Times unlike our English website and “I Love Katano (http://www.lovekatano.com)” (T_T). 

To boost the readers who access to our English website, we started “3 Things to Do in Katano (http://katano-kanko.com/foreign-languages/wonderful-katano-english/3-things-to-do-in-katano-katanonians-recommendations/)”. In this page, Katanonians who love Katano introduce their favourite shops and travel spots. Mr. Kazuhiko Harada who is the director of Katano Times also writes his favourite three things for our website (http://katano-kanko.com/foreign-languages/wonderful-katano-english/3-things-to-do-in-katano-katanonians-recommendations/kazuhiko-haradas-3-things-to-do-in-katano/). 

We would like to express our gratitude to Katano Times and Mr. Harada.   

2016年7月1日 | カテゴリー : Latest News | 投稿者 : Dr.K.S.

3 New Recommendations have been uploaded.

3Things to Do Advertising Photo

One of the English pages, titled “3 Things to Do in Katano – Katanonians’ Recommendations” has added three new recommendations by Ms. Sasaki, Mr. Kawanaka, and Mr. Yoshida. They introduce their favourite places and landscapes in Katano as well as the previous three recommenders; Mr. Sato, Mr. Harada, and Ms. Kaji. Their recommendations must be more helpful than reading any travel guide books.

If reading this page, your options to travel Japan will increase more and more. 

2016年6月5日 | カテゴリー : Latest News | 投稿者 : Dr.K.S.

Katano Tourism Promoter Programme-1st Season- has started today.

Today's Induction

Today’s Induction

Katano Tourist Association has started a new programme for increasing Katano’s tourism promoters on May 22nd 2016.

The programme provides six participants with various empirical and practical lectures to become a professional tourism promoter for Katano. In the programme, furthermore, specialists relating to tourism, agriculture, and business will assist the participants’ activities as tutor.

Five participants attended Today’s induction and talked about what they want to do as Katano’s tourism promoter. They took part in the programme with a high motivation.

Through this programme, they will learn how to organise a tourism event and how to communicate with other parties such as business organisations and Katano City Council.

The programme ends in April 2017.

2016年5月22日 | カテゴリー : Latest News | 投稿者 : Dr.K.S.

Need Tourism Recommendations from Katanonians? “3 Things to Do in Katano” will help your travel to Katano.

A new page titled “3 Things to Do in Katano” has launched in “Wonderful Katano (English Page)”.

In the page, Katanonians who live in and love Katano City introduce their favourite places and things relating to Katano.

You may be able to find helpful information unlisted in major travel guidebooks.

Check it now and become a Katanonian!!

The new page’s URL : click Here.



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Your best business partner can be found in “Business in Katano”

A new page titled “Business in Katano” has been added in the KTA’s English webpage. “Business in Katano” introduces Katano’s companies and factories that have outstanding skills called “Monozukuri” in Japanese.

This page is a collaboration page with an English website “I Love Katano”. You can get useful information of Katano’s brilliant companies not only in “I Love Katano” but also in this website.

“Business in Katano” will be helpful for you to find your best business parter in Katano.

Let’s access today.

Business in Katano

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