SATOYAMA Trail Running Challenge Cup in Katano 2016

trail running event poster 2016 (resized)A big trail running event is held in Katano on July 30th. SATOYAMA Trail Running Challenge Cup committee (chair Mr. Takashi Fukushima) hosts the 2nd Katano SATOYAMA Trail Running Challenge Cup 2016 in Hoshida Prefectural Park. This event is associated with Katano City Council, Katano Sports Association, Katano Tourist Association, and Katano Amanogawa Tanabata Festival Board.

Trail running is one of major sports in many European countries. Participants run through forest and mountain paths. In recent years, the boom of trail marathon is coming to Japan and the number of trail runners is increasing year by year.

A trail running sports shop in Kisaichi, Sotoaso, co-hosts this event. The shop’s owner, Mr. Mitsunori Kikugawa, says “I hope SATOYAMA Trail Running Challenge Cup grows as a delightful event for the participants to feel Katano’s brilliant forests and hills”.

The entry deadline is June 30th.

For further information about this event, ask Sotoaso (URL:  .

The 7th Orihime Festival on May 29th 2016

Orihime Festival 2016

The 7th Orihime Festival will be held at Hoshi no Sato Iwafune on May 29th. Orihime Festival is well-known as a big cultural event which embraces Katano by Hawaiian music and dance. Professional musical bands and well-trained amateur hula dance groups show their performances on a stage. It must be coloured by Hawaiian sky blue.

In addition, a variety of food and goods stalls welcome your coming. You will be able to satisfy your heart and stomach in this festival. Booths for kids will be open.

Orihime Festival will give you something special through high quality Hawaiian music and hula dance.

The 7th Orihime Festival

Date: May 29th 2016 (10a.m. to 16p.m.)

Venue: Hoshi no Sato Iwafune (It’s a 5-minute walk from Keihan Kisaichi Sation.)

Katano’s Valuable Artefacts Waiting for Your Coming

Katano City Cultural Artefact Spring Exhibition 2016

Katano Cultural Artefact Spring Exhibition 2016 will kick off at Katano City Museum of History and Folklore from April 8th. In this spring event, Katano’s rare and valuable artefacts and photos of the remains will open the new door of understanding of our town history. Furthermore, the exhibition will reveal the relationship between Ieyasu Tokugawa and Yukimura Sanada in the Katano’s history. If you are interested in Japanese history, this spring exhibition must be pretty beneficial for you.

The admission fee is free. The museum opens from Wednesdays to Sundays (10a.m. to 17p.m).

Katano City Museum of History and Folklore

9-21 Kuraji 6 Chome Katano City

Do you like a Japanese temple and strawberries? You can enjoy both in the KTA’s tour.

Katano Tourist Association (KTA) has designed an exclusive tour in which you can enjoy Japanese spring. In the tour, you will visit one of the historical temples in Katano, Shishikutsuji Temple, and challenge strawberry picking in a strawberry field.

Shishikutsuji Temple

Shishikutsuji Temple

Shishikutsuji Temple was built by the order of Emperor Shomu (701~756). Originally, it had been already founded as a religious practice place for Shugendo in the Monmu period (the beginning of the 8th century). It is said that Kobodaishi (Kukai) who was a founder of Shingonshu came here for religious practice. In this tour, you can touch on a part of historical dynamism of Japan.

strawberry picking

Strawberry Picking

Furthermore, the tour takes you to a strawberry field. You can challenge strawberry picking called “Ichigogari”. You can pick up and eat strawberries for 30 minutes. This is a rare opportunity to eat fresh and sweet strawberries.

To participate in the tour, send KTA your name, age, home address, and phone number via FAX or E-mail. Up to 30 people can take part in this tour.


Shishikutsuji Temple & Strawberry Tour

Date & Time: May 7th (Sat.) 13:00p.m.~16:00p.m. Please come to JR Kawachi Iwafune by 13:00p.m.

If it is rain on Saturday,  the tour will be carried out on Sunday (May 8th).

Contact: (FAX) 072-893-2636

(Email) hoshi_machi※     Change ※ to @.

For further information about this tour, please email us.

Katano Orihime Sakura Festival 2016


Katano Merchant Association (Katano Shogyo Rengokai) will have Orihime Sakura Festival in April.

During the festival, cherry blossom pictures that infants and pupils in Katano draw will be displayed at some public spaces between Keihan Kozu Station and Hatamono Shrine.

Furthermore, a special event named “Shoren Bar” will be held from April 15th to 17th. To participate in the special event, you need to purchase ¥2500 worth of vouchers in ¥2000. The vouchers are available in shops and restauratnts in Katano.

Enjoy cherry blossoms and Orihime Sakura Festival this spring.

The 4th Ohinasama Exhibition


Katano City Museum of History and Folklore hosts the 4th Hinamatsuri Exhibition from February 5th. The city museum collects various historical Hina dolls which were used for Hinamatsuri (Hina Festival) on March 3rd. People decorated Hina dolls to pray for healthy lives of their daughters.

Some of the Hina dolls displayed in the museum were made in the Edo period. You will be able to feel how people in Katano enjoyed Hina Festival through the Hina dolls.

Katano City Museum of History and Folklore opens from Wednesday to Sunday (10:00a.m.~17:00p.m.). The admission fee is free.


Katano City Museum of History and Folklore

9-12 Kuraji 6 Chome Katano City