Our Director Interviewed by NHK

This photo was retrieved from Mr. Sato's personal blog.

This photo was retrieved from Mr. Sato’s personal blog.

Our association director, Mr. Yoshiya Sato, was interviewed by NHK yesterday.

NHK is one of major broadcasting companies in Japan. Sometimes, it’s called “BBC in Japan”.

On July 7th, some shrines in Katano hold Tanabata Festival. Particularly, Hatamono Shrine’s Tanabata Festival is increasing the number of the visitors year by year.  It owes a lot of efforts by local people and a merchant group. Hence, NHK has reported only Hotamono Shrine’s Tanabata Festival, hitherto.

But, this time, NHK offered an interview to Katano Tourist Association and Mr. Sato introduced not only Hatamono Shrine but also other important places deeply relating to the Tale of Tanabata in Katano.

According to his personal blog, he took the TV clue to Hatamono Shrine, Aiaibashi Bridge, and Hoshida Myokengu Shrine. The aim is to tell them that Katano, as a whole, is one of central cities of the tale of Tanabata.

The interview will be televised in this evening in Channel 1.

His original article is http://ameblo.jp/haihsoj4480/entry-12178035407.html  (written only in Japanese).

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