July 2nd event schedule has been published

Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016

A Hirakata-Katano collaborative event named “Hirakata Katano Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016” has published the detail of the event schedule on July 2nd. Morning events are held at Keihan Hirakatashi Station from 11a.m. In Keihan Kisaichi Station, various food & goods stands welcome your coming.

Event Schedule

(Venue) Keihan Hirakatashi Station Concourse 2nd floor

11a.m.~ Workshop by Setsunan University

12:40p.m.~ Opening Ceremony

event organiser’s speech, ribbon cutting ceremony, greeting by Hirakata’s & Katano’s local characters, and declaration for local goods sale booming

13p.m.~ Wrapped Train Starting Ceremony @ Platform 5 & 6 in Keihan Hirakatashi Station

The event participants get on a wrapped train heading to Keihan Kisaichi Station at 13.21p.m. The two cities’ local characters also accompany with the participants.

For further information about Hirakata Katano Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016, contact us through Contact Form or Nigiwaikoryu Ka (Hirakata City Hall). 



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