Katano Ikiiki Marché on June 26th

Katano March June 2016A lot of local city characters called “Yuru Kyara” come to Katano Ikiiki Marché on June 26th. “Marché” means “market” in French. In the open-air market, various stalls sell foods and original hand-made goods. Furthermore, Delaware grape which is one of Katano’s major local produces is sold at a special booth.

One of the main events is a character show. 23 local city characters such as Orihime Chan and Hoshi no Aman welcome your coming. In addition, musicians and dancers show their brilliant performances on a stage. June 26th must be a unforgettable day for you.

To support the victims who suffered from Kumamoto Great Earthquake on April 14th, special pin badges printing Kumanon and Orihime Chan are also sold at another special stall. The sales of the special pin badges are donated to Kumamoto Prefectural Government.

Katano Ikiiki Marché starts from 10a.m. at Ikiiki Land Katano.

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