Hoshida Myokengu Shrine 1200th Anniversary Celebration

(resized) Poster of Hoshida Myoken 1200th anniv.

One of historical shrines in Katano, Hoshida Myokengu Shrine, hosts the 1200th anniversary events on July 23rd & 24th. The shrine is said to be built in 816 by the suggestion of Master Kukai.

One of the anniversary events is a celebration ceremony called “Hoshukusai”. In the celebration ceremony, Shinto priests and maidens wearing formal Shinto vestments congratulate the 1200th anniversary along with official manners of Shito ritual. Normally, this ritual is done in major shrines such as Ise Shrine and Meiji Jingu Shrine. Therefore, it would be a rare chance for you to see such a magnificent Shinto ceremony in Katano.

Furthermore, on July 24th, a Bon dance event is held at the shrine. Bon dance is one of Japanese traditional dances to commemorate and express our gratitude to our ancestors. If interesting, you can try Bon dance with local residents. The event organisers would like to invite a lot of foreign participants to the Bon dance event. So, this is a good opportunity for you to feel Japanese culture and tradition directly.

Other events such as Myokengu guide tour and local food stalls are also held at the shrine. In Hoshida Hall, photos and materials relating to the history of Hoshida Myokengu Shrine are displayed. This is also a rare chance to learn how Hoshida’s people have built and sustained their community with Hoshida Myokengu Shrine.

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Access to Hoshida Myokengu Shrine

By Bus

Get on Keihan Bus No. 17 from JR Hoshida Station and Keihan Katanoshi Station.

Get off at Myokenzaka 7 Chome.

Walk along a Bus route until you can see a Shrine gate on the left.


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