The 7th Orihime Festival on May 29th 2016

Orihime Festival 2016

The 7th Orihime Festival will be held at Hoshi no Sato Iwafune on May 29th. Orihime Festival is well-known as a big cultural event which embraces Katano by Hawaiian music and dance. Professional musical bands and well-trained amateur hula dance groups show their performances on a stage. It must be coloured by Hawaiian sky blue.

In addition, a variety of food and goods stalls welcome your coming. You will be able to satisfy your heart and stomach in this festival. Booths for kids will be open.

Orihime Festival will give you something special through high quality Hawaiian music and hula dance.

The 7th Orihime Festival

Date: May 29th 2016 (10a.m. to 16p.m.)

Venue: Hoshi no Sato Iwafune (It’s a 5-minute walk from Keihan Kisaichi Sation.)

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